LandU Education

2020 LANDU Education Week Little Rock, AR | May 27 – June 4

The 2020 LANDU Education Week will be held in Little Rock, AR, from May 27 through June 4. The three required courses as well as three
specialty courses will be offered. Attendees will be able to complete the full Education Requirement for the elite ALC Designation during the nine-day event. The event’s full course schedule will be released in early spring and registration will open in April 2020.

2019 LandU Education Week June 2-10, Denver, CO

Congratulations to all those that attended and succcessfully completed
courses at LANDU Education Week! A special shout-out to the twenty-
three (23) attendees who completed all six courses!!

ALC Designation is now accepted as a qualifying designation under the CCIM Fast Track. Commercial real estate professionals who hold RLI’s elite ALC Designation can now earn the esteemed CCIM Institute designation at an accelerated pace as a CCIM Fast Track Institute Candidate member. More information available here.